Here is our Highway guide: A sub-project of the Ottawa Wiki that focuses on gathering guide-like information on the highways in Greater Ottawa. There are currently two classes of highways we use:

  1. Four-Lane highways: There are only three 4-Lane Highways in Ottawa (not many compared to the dozens in Montreal or Toronto, but still outstripping Calgary, which only has one, or Winnipeg, which also has just one). The term "Four-Lane Highway" is used as a compromise between the terms "expressway", "freeway" and (among the francophone population), "autoroute".
  2. Secondary highways: A highway that is not a Four-Lane Highway. These are dominant in most of Canada (with the only exception being the Island of Montreal and the Greater Toronto Area) as well as Greater Ottawa. There are currently over 20 we have designated. We may eventually need to split these into multiple classes.

Note that in Canada, different census divisions use different designations... and because Greater Ottawa is encompassed in a "five-county area", there can be multiple designations. That is why we use disambiguators. For example, there are two highways named Highway 15, and three highways named Highway 17.

Use the navigational template below to navigate through highways. Note that if a link is in red (or sometimes black depending on your user preferences) then that means there is no article with that title. If it is blue or purple (purple is for links you have already visited), then there is an article with that title.

Highways in the Greater Ottawa Area
4-Lane Highway 174 | Highway 416 | Highway 417
Secondary Highway 3 | Highway 6 | Highway 7 | Highway 8 | Highway 12 | Highway 15 (LanarkWoodroffe Avenue) | Highway 16 | Highway 17 (EastWestEmbrun) | Highway 31 | Highway 32 | Highway 34 | Highway 36 | Highway 38 | Highway 43 | Highway 44 | Highway 47 | Highway 52 | Highway 73 | Highway 85 | Highway 87